Where is the GUESS App Available?

The GUESS mobile app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play via any iPhone or Android-based mobile device.

What features does the GUESS mobile app offer?

The GUESS app delivers a customized shopping experience to your iPhone or Android mobile device. The app allows our fans to receive exclusive mobile offers, messages and promotions to redeem to their digital wallet within the app. You will be able to find a store near you and shop online directly from the app. In addition, save your receipts and link your GUESS List card in the wallet to get the ultimate shopping experience. When linked to your GUESS List account, you can earn loyalty points for interacting with GUESS through Facebook and you can view a history of the social loyalty points you’ve earned within the app. You can also browse the #LOVEGUESS gallery for style inspiration.

Can I store offers in Apple Passbook or Google Wallet?

Yes, you can choose to save offers in the digital wallet within the app or save to your preferred Apple Passbook or Google Wallet.

Can I sign up for GUESS List via the app?

Yes. Signing up for GUESS List via the GUESS app is easy! Enter your information directly into the app and experience the GUESS VIP treatment.

How do I connect my existing GUESS List account via the app?

When you select My GUESS List from the navigation pane, select 'Sign In' using your GUESS List login information. Your personalized GUESS List account will automatically upload to the app.

Do I get GUESS List points for shopping via the app?

Yes, points are accrued based on all transactions within the Shop Online feature of the app, abiding by the original GUESS List Terms and Conditions and pending points structure.

What if I forget my GUESS List card while shopping in a store?

No worries, your digital GUESS List card is featured on the app when you link your account.

How do I change or update my GUESS List account information in the app?

Members may only update their personal information online at www.GUESS.com or at any Participating GUESS?, Inc. Store.

How do I earn GUESS List points via the mobile app?

You can earn GUESS List points a few ways. You'll always earn points for your online, in-store purchases and mobile app purchases linked with your GUESS List account. In addition, you will also have the chance to earn GUESS List points directly through the app in the Connect + Earn section of the app by liking and sharing Facebook content. Reference the last Q/A for complete details on the GUESS List point architecture.

How do I connect my Facebook account to earn GUESS List points by interacting?

You can connect your Facebook account by signing into Facebook on the mobile app login page. If you are already signed into the app using your e-mail or logged in as a guest, you will be prompted to connect with Facebook upon selecting the 'Connect + Earn' section of the app.

Why don't I see the points I just earned in my account?

Points may take up to 72 hours to load into the My GUESS List section. If after 72 hours you still do not see your points, please contact the Customer Care via the Help Center within the app. Keep in mind, points earned by shopping remain pending for 30 days and move to available points after the 30 day period. Once you accumulate 200 points, the available points turn into a $10 GUESS List award.

What is the difference between pending points and available points?

Pending points are points received through shopping but have not reached the threshold of our 30 day pending point policy (due to the ability to return). Available points are points that have passed the threshold and are available to apply to awards. Earned social loyalty points become available points after 72 hours.

Will I be able to see all of my receipts in the app?

In order to view receipts, transactions must be made in a GUESS retail store or online at GUESS.com with a valid GUESS List account linked to the purchase. Receipts for GUESS List purchases made online at GUESSFactory.com and Marciano.com will also be pushed to the app. However, you will not be able to see receipts from GUESS Factory or Marciano retail stores at this time.

I don't see a receipt in my app Wallet for a purchase I made online. Why not?

For in-store purchases, receipts are pushed to the app every 15 minutes. For online purchases, receipts are pushed to the app nightly. Receipts may take up to 48 hours to load to your mobile app wallet.

Will the app show a receipt for an item I returned?

If an item is returned to a retail store, yes. If an item is shipped to our warehouse for a return, you will not be able to see the return receipt in the app.

How long will the app store my receipts?

Upon download, the app will populate with receipts from the past 12 months of your GUESS List purchases. When a new purchase is made from a GUESS retail store or from GUESS.com, Marciano.com or GUESSFactory.com while logged into your GUESS List account, the receipt will appear in the app and will be permanently available for you to view.

How do I purchase or add a Gift Card to my wallet?

It's easy! When you are logged in, select the 'Gift Cards' section on the mobile app and select either 'Purchase Gift Card ' to purchase and send a gift card or select 'Add Gift Card' to add an existing gift card to your GUESS mobile app wallet or save to your Apple or Android Passbook or device's digital wallet.

What personal information does the app collect?

The personal information you provide as a GUESS List member will be handled and retained in accordance with the GUESS privacy policy located at www.GUESS.com. When you connect or sign in using your GUESS List account, the only information collected is the information provided when you signed up for the GUESS List program online or in-store. When you connect with Facebook the following information is securely collected and used solely for the purpose of the app: name, gender, location, date of birth, Facebook e-mail address, interests, page likes and any additional information listed on your Facebook account. Linking your Facebook account, location services and GUESS List services are all optional features to enhance your experience. Customers have the option of logging in as a guest if they prefer not to share their personal information.

How does the GUESS mobile app use my location?

The GUESS mobile app uses your location to provide you with relevant content and offers around your area. If you opt-in to location services on the GUESS mobile app, you may be served location-based offers and notifications. You can stop receiving location-based offers by turning off the location services at any time within your phone’s settings.

What if I want to disconnect my Facebook account from the mobile app?

If at any point you want to disconnect your Facebook Account, click on your name on the menu of the app and the account section will launch. Scroll to the bottom of the Account menu and select 'Sign Out.' Then, you can login using your GUESS List account or browse as a guest.

Why do I see lines going through some of the text (text appears crowded or truncated) on my Android device?

Ensure the font settings on your Android device are set to 'Normal'. 'Large' font size settings will cause display issues for certain sections of the app.

How many points do I earn for liking and sharing social media content in the Connect + Earn section?

Earning Points in the Connect + Earn section is an easy way to get more from GUESS and earn rewards faster. See below for the current social loyalty point architecture:

  • Connecting your Facebook account (1x lifetime): 10 points
  • "Like" our official GUESS Facebook page through the app (1x lifetime): 10 points
  • "Like" a Facebook post through the app: 1 point (20x per month, 20 total points maximum per month)
  • Share a Facebook post through the app: 2 points (15x per month, 30 total points maximum per month)

Point cap for the first month for users who are NOT connected via Facebook and do NOT already "like" GUESS on Facebook: 70 points

Point cap for the first month for users who are NOT connected via Facebook and already "like" GUESS on Facebook: 60 points

Monthly point cap for ALL users connected via Facebook AND who "like" GUESS on Facebook: 50 points

Social Loyalty Point Architecture is subject to change by GUESS?, Inc. at any time without notice.